A Creative website! Is it important?


In this twenty-first century: the digital agency era, an effective and efficient web presence plays a vital role in order to compete with other businesses, a good website is a key to survival. Investing in a well-grounded, constructive web presence will cater to the success of and your business resulting in an individual success. It will be the boost to the company needs, reaping the benefits.

The biggest hurdle in creating a website that comes our way is to make it eye pleasing and catchy, this is the first important step that needs to be focused upon. An efficient website/ web design enables the customers to stay on your site and encourages them to be connected for a longer period of time. As a known fact about the human methodology the web design reflects your product, it creates an image of the product or services in the viewer’s mind.

Let’s Navigate You to Your Destination

Of course business websites need to be packed with a lot of information catering to various needs, considering human nature, the user won’t take more than few seconds to judge our business website, if the user finds it confusing, cluttered or chaotic within no time they would click the back button, resulting in losing the customers to the competitors.

Customer’s attention spans are short; use this short time to navigate them towards their needs and catering to their customized information. Simple and self-explanatory navigation helps you achieve this.

How May I Help You?

Yes, you read it right!

A good website or a web design is a self-sufficient customer service executive. As the proverb says ‘the first impression is the last impression’, a good website or a web design is a digital face of your business representing the business at a large platform- increasing the reach at a global level.

a poorly designed website reflects a bad, unhelpful customer service executive whereas a well-designed website is similar to a polite and a helpful customer service executive going out of the way in satisfying a customer by helping him serve his needs efficient and effective manner.

Sustaining in the Battlefield!

Undoubtedly the market is a battlefield; where different competitors fight each other in order to sustain in the market, retaining its customers and focusing on achieving new customers to the business. Before entering a battlefield one needs to make sure that he has the weapons that are capable to fight the competitor. It should either more sufficient or at least equivalent to its competitor’s weapons! Similarly one needs to have a website that is not just simple, but which is equally or more appealing to its competitors; so as not to miss on the customers to its competitors.

As all the players in a business have access to the same information, sources, and tools that are available to all. So web design or a website is the only area where a difference is created so it needs to be a huge importance to be considered.

UX: User Experience

This is one of the most important parts that are essential to be considered while creating a web design. As a good web design is one that is simple, easy and efficient in operation, it is a one that navigates the customers to the desired information and meets the needs of the viewer.

An efficient user-friendly website is a one that is:

  • Updated.
  • Structured
  • Effectively navigating
  • Responsive
Consistent and Coherent! That is What is Usually Preferred

Consistency – yes this is something which is preferred by humans when it comes to others, no matter how an individual is, he/she always expects the other to be consistent in every aspect. Talking about being online, while we are online on to some website and if the design is changing, again and again, we tend to jump on to other sites. This is something which is to be kept an eye on; a consistency in font, design, patterns etc.

The main goal of the web design should be focused upon minimum distractions, even a slight distraction will lead to the loss of a potential viewer from the website.

In the End, Something that Serves Our Purpose!

The ultimate motive should always be the same – serving our purpose. Of course, the website should be navigating, simple, more competitive but it should always serve our purpose of business and profits, it should not be something that is serving others.

Few efforts in planning & designing a website will result in a creative website attracting the customers and keeping them engaged.  

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Hello I am Shreya Poddar, a Marketing Enthusiast who is currently pursuing my MBA with majors in Marketing from IBS Hyderabad, India. I am actively engaged in creative content writing to enhance my marketing communication skills to express my view more vividly in this digital era.

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