Branding with Diwali: Strategies to use this Diwali to Highlight Your Brand


There was a time when Diwali meant buying new clothes, eating at fancy restaurants, go for a vacation or purchase some gold or household items. The scenario had changed entirely when our salaries became fatter than ever expected, where CTC killed the fixed bonus, and we started embracing first-class life.

Now, the festive season sale is a perennial treat, tempting us never to stop buying. Middle-class family celebrations which included buying gold or a household item on Diwali and Dhanteras now are added up with never-ending shopping bags lined up at their doorstep.

Be it offline or online; decisions are mostly made considering the emotions. And these emotions turn optimistic when it comes to festivals like Diwali. In this emerging festive scenario, crafting a brand strategy spiced up with some sensitivity will pay off significantly.

Brilliant advertisers are very much aware that customers are well on the way to untangle their purses and loosen the cash flow amid celebrations as Diwali is considered exceedingly favorable for purchasing and gifting. Brands gain by this and rev up their marking and showcasing endeavors to benefit as much as possible from the merry period.

While the general subjects, for example, firecrackers, lights, keeping up the bond, and fresh starts are the more typical branding and marketing strategies to get clients amped up for their items and offers amid Diwali; there are additionally a couple of other lesser known strategies advertisers can use to promote themselves a fruitful Diwali battle:

Diwali Contests

Every brand that you see today is hyped up with unique Diwali contests to keep their brand in the spotlight. A great way to highlight your brand is through creating clutter-free contests that hold the audience engaged. Through unique contests and beautiful gifts, you can highjack customer attention and level up the game.

Special Offers and Discounts

Offering discounts during Diwali is quite common. What matters the most is striking the emotional factor that can hype up the Diwali spirit in your customers. Giving special offers and discounts such as price slashes and buy one get one free with a unique idea would create a difference.

Brand Value Highlighting

Individuals behave uniquely in contrast to one another – they have different convictions and distinctive qualities. Additionally, brands are based on an arrangement of qualities that they feel, embody their company and are likewise reverberated by their key customers. By bringing out essential qualities in your battle, you are probably going to inspire your clients to act unquestionably. Adjusting your image to particular attributes in your drive is an incredible method to energize clients and get them connected with the brand.

Sponsoring Events and Festivals

Indians celebrate and enjoy Diwali and other festivals by having a social gathering with companions and relatives. You can take advantage of this chance and give them a stage to do as such, like sponsoring Dandiya nights and Rangoli competitions, and in the meantime, you can guarantee that your company and its products are advanced through it and amid it. You can likewise keep a few challenges, tests and competitions to promote your image on occasion further.

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