Diwali Campaigns 2019: How Brands are gearing up for the Occasion

Diwali Campaigns 2019

Diwali is all about chores, family time, get-togethers with friends, and new beginnings. It’s also a huge moment for our consumers and brands want to ensure they are a part of all that their consumers celebrate. Here are some of the Diwali Campaigns of brands that connected the most with their consumers. 


Due to the slump in the Indian economy, the country is rife on the matter, spewing negativity. In a scenario, when Indian confidence in the overall economic situation is at an all-time low, IGP.com’s film talks about spreading positivity by communicating that, no matter what the economic situation is, gifts always bring a smile, spread cheer and lifts spirits. Gifting is an integral part of Indian culture and had always been a source of delight. With Diwali approaching, India’s only specialized gifting site IGP.com urges every individual to be the person who spreads cheer and joy and uplifts the spirit through gifting on Diwali.

Spotify’s Diwali Campaign

Spotify Diwali campaign brings back the fun banter of Anil Kapoor and Ishaan Khattar’s sparkling chemistry and music you’ll love this festive season. Based on the insight of how music is deeply rooted in India’s social fabric is celebrating the fervor of seasonal festivities, the campaign this time brings to life the celebration of Diwali with music. 

Pantaloons’ ‘Doston wali Diwali’

Pantaloons geared up to celebrate the festival of lights with a heart-warming campaign ‘Doston Wali Diwali’. The Diwali campaign is focussed on the youth who live away from their homes in pursuit of their dreams and how friends become their family on occasions like these. Capturing this insight beautifully, the campaign has been conceptualized with a story of friends who decide to celebrate the festival even before Diwali. The campaign ‘Doston Wali Diwali’ re-enforces the celebratory mood and festive fervor as it presents a rich ethnic collection that showcases the vibrant colors of Diwali. The story beautifully brings alive the brand’s promise of partnering and styling the moments of change in the lives of its consumers.

Celebrating the ‘Tanishq wali Diwali’

Tanishq Diwali Campaigns have not just made jewelry a part of our lifestyle but they have also tied traditional values with a modern outlook. For this auspicious and anticipated occasion, Tanishq launched its new festive collection – Virasat, bringing alive the essence of age-old traditions of purchasing jewelry, cultures, and rituals which have been followed through generations, making Diwali auspicious. The film perfectly encapsulates the spirit of Diwali celebrations and continuing the tradition of buying jewelry across generations in all its glory. The film truly brings to life various Diwali customs across the country of buying sweets, wearing something new on Diwali, lighting up each corner of the house and gifting jewelry. Highlighting the thought behind the collection Virasat, the film showcases the diversity amongst consumers, cultures, and customs.


Stretching on the forwarded messaging concept by the consumers on festivals, Vodafone India has launched a new Diwali campaign on 24th of October that focussed on the way people have become habituated to forwards rather than personal wishes.

The heartwarming campaign encourages people to send personalized wishes to their loved ones instead of forwarded messages. The hashtag Share #YourWordsNotForwards is apt for the campaign.

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