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Facebook always introduces new features and try evolving its look for its users giving them a unique chance to express. 3D posts are recently introduced on Facebook which engages one’s sense of digital technology. A 3D image displays a cinematic or graphic medium in three dimensions. These 3D posts will be more interactive on news feed where people can bring their experiences across AR, VR.

Facebook 3D posts are supported by industry standard gltf  2.0 file format as announced in a blog post.

Facebook recently introduced 3D posts, which allow users to see an object from all sides and dimensions in the Facebook News Feed. It’s responsiveness to scroll and touch, making content more appealing opening a door for future marketing opportunities.

How to go about a Facebook 3D post.

This new feature is very simple and can be easily posted on your Facebook page. The important things that need to be kept in mind are that the file has to be in either “.glb” file format or “.gltf 2.0” file format. The file needs to be compressed to fewer than 3mb (Source).

A 3D post can be posted in the same way as an image or video on Facebook. The file needs to be dragged directly after which the user will have to pick a background and may write a short description and then post it.

Foundry is a global developer of computer graphics; visual effects (VFX) and 3D design software for the purpose of designing that are helping users in creating their 3D post.

Visual Treat

With glTF 2.0 supports there is an enhancement in textures, lighting, and realistic rendering techniques of the object or the brand giving it an appearance that experience only physically. The beautifully detailed shiny, soft, realistically created 3D art can now come alive on Facebook. 3D posts.

In today’s age, marketers are figuring ways to create engaging content and now they have an option to create content which can pop off the screen like how Lego has created a 3D parrot. Marketers and advertisers would definitely want their users to experience an augmented reality when compared to the traditional content. Some brands like Sony are already paving the way for augmented reality commerce a handbag with a Sony phone. Wayfair allows a virtual living room from Wayfair experience of its furniture in a home setting before its actual purchase.

There have been various interesting uploads on Facebook by developers and Businesses showing more creativity and exploring the opportunity introduced by Facebook through posting more 3D posts like the unfolding of popular magic archer character of Clash Royale by Supercell or the Jurassic World dinosaur.

As we know that there are more than 1 billion active users on Facebook, it is quite certain that the 3D post feature will be of great help in terms of promotion and it’s easy to use and post method.

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