How Artificial Intelligence (AI) is Changing Marketing Landscape in Digital


The term AI is something that has been floating a lot in the market but what it means to a layman is basically Robots. Artificial Intelligence is so much more than that, it is a machine with the ability to solve problems that are usually done by us humans using our natural intelligence. AI is an area of computer science that makes the machine feel like they have human intelligence. To understand it clearly, it is not only programmed to drive a car by following traffic signals but also learns to exhibit the signs of anger humans tend to display on roads.

For last few years, a couple of factors have led to AI being the next big thing. A huge amount of data are being created every minute. In fact, 90% of the world’s data has been generated in the past 2 years. Computers can actually derive logic and explanations of all these information.

AI can manifest itself in many ways. When we ask Siri or Cortana or any other AI where the closest cinema is, they are just really translating the voice into text, feeding it to a search engine and reading back the answers in human syntax.

Let us now see how AI has drastically changed the digital marketing scenario.

Content Automation

Natural Language Generation (NLG) is another type of AI that is said to hit the content marketing world hard.

Essentially, it uses algorithms that are designed specifically to translate data into a human-like language with the emergence of the robot writers which was briefly spoken about earlier.

This will have an effect on headline production, auto-reportage and more.

There are companies already out there that are creating content automatically from data and insights with the help of robot writers and detailed algorithms. The articles aren’t written by humans but are instead written with help of algorithms that have learned to speak like humans and replicate them.

Personalization on Another Level!

Marketers today are struggling with a big problem with regard to personalization which when considered that customers today are looking for unique and new experiences with the brands.

Machine learning

It is a type of artificial intelligence which helps the marketers to collect, store and interpret the information in large quantities and put together a customized experience for their people.

Facebook is a great example of this.

Their algorithmic newsfeed analyzes every user’s actions on the site in order to deliver handpicked content that suits their behavior. We will see more of this in the coming years from general websites and blogs, which, as the technologies advance, will be able to learn from their user experiences.

But be warned: it has the potential to get creepy.

With the help of robot writers and very detailed algorithms that are designed specifically to create customized content, there are high chances that stories will be developed exclusively with a particular individual in mind.

To put it straight, in the future we might see news articles written by machines that have been created for one specific person.

Behavioral Triggered eMail Marketing

Behavioral email marketing is a customer-focused messaging strategy that basically provides immediate value to customers based on their actions, preferences and behaving patterns.

With the help of behavioral email marketing, customers decide what emails they receive through their actions, as against the traditional campaigns, where the marketer decided what messages to send to the customers. Helping the marketer to start the conversation, but ultimately the customers decide when, where and what type of emails they require.

Data about the user is collected in a database, which also integrates Web analytics and email data. When the marketer directs an email to the user, it is very relevant to that specific subscriber, based on the data collected and their most recent tracked behavior.

Behavioral email messages generally include triggered outreach. Not only triggered outreach but they also include more dynamic outreach. Customers are not only these kinds of emails but they also do a lot better than promotional marketing emails.

The main benefit of this is that you’re able to immediately and automatically respond to key customer moments and provide them with a valuable response which provides them a better customer delight increasing your brand reputation.

Ad Targeting

Using a vast amount of personal information and historical data, AI algorithms can establish the best ads suitable for a particular person at a given time. This increases the chances of a click and conversion several folds. The advertisements you show to your customer can be highly customized according to your customer. You show them what they want to see, and you sell them what they don’t want to buy. This is the power of AI enabled advertisements.

Customer Service (Chatbot and Predictive Customer Service)

A website is a 24×7 game but how much money would a brand invest in keeping someone live and available to help, should a customer come up with a query. Using virtual assistants and Chatbots, brands can now replace human representatives to engage customers in a natural conversation and push sales or facilitate customer service. Chatbots do machine learning and their knowledge data increases with each question you put to them. At the end of the day, it saves money while ensuring the credibility of the brand. Chatbots are created to eliminate the human intervention. Human is only required when some query arises which is out of the system of the bot.

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