How Brands welcomed Summer 2019: Summer Branding Strategies

Seasonal campaigns are a great way to promote business and boost customer engagement. With the summer season in India already hitting the floors, it’s always smart to plan for your business. Summer 2019 presents many opportunities for fun and entertaining summer branding strategies. Did you know?

  • Customers are more receptive to messages when it’s warm outside
  • Many brands fail to market during summer months, which creates more opportunities for you
  • Warm temperatures increase the perception of value, so customers are more likely to buy when temperatures rise

Well, for one, none of the brands we’ve featured in this issue and many more that we didn’t, had no summer holiday to speak of. While their consumers frolicked, vacationed in exotic destinations or just lazed before their TV sets and tried to predict the IPL at the beginning of Summer 2019, many companies and brands went back to the drawing board, revitalizing old strategies or coming up with ones that were entirely new and different. Irrespective of the category, if seasonality played even a slight role in their business, brands ranging from carbonated drinks to prickly heat powders tried to leverage it to score or defend a lead. This was how these brands took advantage of the hot months to keep their customers engaged in Summer 2019.

Pantaloons: Holiday in Style

Pantaloons, one of the pioneering retail fashion brands in India, has unveiled its new campaign, ‘Holiday in Style’ for summer 2019. This thematic campaign captures the true spirit of its consumers who wish to make every moment of their life stylish and leverages the insight that many consumers explore new fashion trends during their holidays to create memories that last. This campaign highlights the fresh & vibrant summer 2019 range at Pantaloons which is trendy yet comfortable. Be it for a trip to the beach or the mountainside, partying at a club or chilling with family. The latest collection offers a wide array of clothes for every shopper.

Sprite: Garmi Gul, Refreshment Full

From Seedhi Baat, No Bakwas a decade ago to Garmi Gul, Refreshment Full last year, the lemon-and-lime sparkling beverage Sprite from the Coca-Cola stable has kept its tagline and campaigns consistently simple in summer 2019. Conceptualized by Ogilvy, it shows two friends figuring a plan to beat the heat. The protagonist is holding a bottle of Sprite, while his friend is fanning himself with a newspaper. The friend then comes up with the idea of visiting an air-conditioned theatre for a movie. They get there only to realize the show is house full. The protagonist turns to his bottle of Sprite to refresh him and mocks his friend.

Pepsi: #HarGhoontMeinSwag

Pepsi is a brand which has always resonated with the voice of today’s generation. Summer 2019 has Pepsi acknowledging and celebrating a word that defines today’s millennials’ – swag. ‘Har Ghoont Mein Swag’ is all about living in the moment, seizing new, interesting opportunities and doing it all with swag. The new campaign is a progressive approach to reflect the self-belief of today’s generation truly. Under the same brand campaign, Pepsi also launched the Har Ghooont me swag anthem star-studded with Tiger Shroff, Disha Patani and Badshah. Pepsi brings out the same old connection with music alive in summer 2019 – creating an anthem for India’s super confidence, it’s unshakeable self-belief, it’s unassailable SWAG. With Badshah dropping the bass on our baseline #HarGhoontMeinSwag, Disha Patani and Tiger Shroff burning up the screen with their dance moves, and Bollywood heavy hitter Ahmed Khan directing the video, Pepsi hopes to have India singing the song right back.

Maaza: Dil Jhoome

Coca-Cola India unveiled a new summer 2019 campaign for Maaza, India’s most loved mango juice drink, and the largest selling juice drink brand in the country. The new campaign positions Maaza as the most Indulgent Mango Drink during the me-time amidst the daily grind of life. To connect with its core consumers, Maaza has roped in three renowned Bollywood actresses – Aditi Rao Hydari, Diana Penty, and Rakul Preet Singh as Brand ambassadors. The new TV commercial features a fresh and peppy track composed by Oscar-winning music maestro A. R. Rahman and the three young women, rejoicing their ‘Me Time.’ The film opens with the three actresses in three separate spaces – a house, a green room, and a supermarket, opening the bottle of Maaza and taking a sip. As they drink Maaza, they slip into a spontaneous, free and casual groove. With the music playing in the background, each of them begins to dance effortlessly, clearly enjoying and innocently indulging in the taste of Maaza. Beautiful shots of mangoes falling, and splitting is seen, synchronized to the music, with a wave of juice swirling around the diced mangoes.

ThumsUp: #ChargedWithThumsUp

Continuing with the same ‘toofani’ image, Thums Up rides on the master-summer 2019 campaign to become the first-ever $1 billion home-grown Cola Brand featuring Ranveer Singh, Mahesh Babu and Diva Dhawan that takes its #TakeCharge series to the next level #ChargedwithThumbsup. It is aimed at helping us to deepen the consumer connect, widen the brand’s footprint and accelerate growth. The larger idea was to bring alive the uncompromising attitude and unshakeable self-belief that heroism is an opportunity in any given situation, no matter how challenging it is.

Summer 2019 in India is unforgiving and during the season nothing refreshes our dull TV-watching days with these refreshing ads. And while many brands have different hacks and ideas to beat the unrelenting heat, there is only one idea that works every time – unique branding strategies.

Wanna cast a brand spell on your customers? We’re here to create cherished ad films and make your brand famous.

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