How Indian Brands are Nailing the Lingerie Industry

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Lingerie is no more a basic need, but a concept known as intimate wear that makes you feel confident and comfortable. But when did our conservative society become infatuated to sensuous intimate wear? So how did lacy underthings become a part of the overly conservative Indian society? Let’s blame it on the branding of lingerie that made it easier to get our hands on raunchy innerwear in various designs before Indian manufacturers took notice of the increasing trend. Remember street side vendors putting up padded bras on their stalls and women in saris, skirts and even burkhas lining up to get their buys. But how did we move from bra and panties to classy intimate wear and lingerie? Nowadays, keeping your wardrobe up-to-date with the latest lingerie trends is not only a matter of comfort and fit but also a style statement. However, the scenario was totally different some 2000 years ago. The evolution of lingerie has been fascinating from conservative bodices and lacy underthings. Let’s take a look at how branding and advertising have changed the phase of the lingerie market in India.

The evolution of lingerie: Then and Now

Initially, the innerwear market belonged to an unorganized platform. The vibe around the lingerie market in India has been hush-hush, with offline purchases being done in a furtive, hurried fashion, and with considerable discomfort at male-dominated retail stores.

Over the last few years, communication in the Rs 14,000 crore Indian lingerie market has undergone a huge change. There is a lot of open conversation happening today and brands are increasingly portraying the confident woman who doesn’t hesitate to discuss her choice and preference when it comes to choosing the perfect lingerie.

Capturing this trend, brands in this space are gradually moving from objectifying women or attracting men’s attention to spreading awareness about the need to choose the right lingerie. According to a market analysis by Technopak, the current market size of the innerwear market is worth `27,931 crores which are estimated to grow at a CAGR of 10 percent over the next decade to become `74,258 crores by 2027.

The Big Players of the Indian Lingerie Market

Between 2000 and 2008, the premium international brands began penetrating the Indian market. However, there were Indian brands that started exhibiting their new and stylish designs with an aim to capture the interest of the Indian women. In the initial days, there were a number of websites catering to this segment – Buttercups, Cilory, Herstyle and others. Some of the earlier players are still around but currently, the big 3 in this space are Zivame, Clovia, and PrettySecrets.

Zivame started off as an online marketplace, through aggregation of existing brands. It went on to add private labels to its portfolio to improve margins. Clovia and PrettySecrets, on the other hand, attempted to exploit the highly fragmented market, where the top 10 brands contribute to less than 8% of the overall audience. They did this by building their own brands, and focusing on sourcing and selling on their own e-store and other online stores.

How Zivame transformed sleazy lingerie ads to hilarious ones

Lingerie shopping has always been a nasty affair, especially when the salesman of the retail store replies “That’s not right for you” when you ask for a differently shaped bra,  in a particular size. Zivame rightly identified the bra-shopping woes and came up with a quirky yet hilarious ad campaign #Salesmanwalibra. Zivame’s latest #SalesmanWaliBra ad campaign is probably the only lingerie ad everyone in the family can watch together and also share a laugh or two. Zivame’s latest advertising campaign seeks to address these very lingerie shopping woes. The two TVCs came about following brand research with 400 Indian women. The findings revealed that women shopping for lingerie offline always faced these two problems: (i) They have to compromise on style or size because offline stores have limitations in stock and less knowledgeable sales assistants, and (ii) They feel uncomfortable and unable to freely express themselves in the presence of salesmen.

The campaign has been extended on social media with the help of visuals and gifs, with a quirky take on lingerie shopping woes faced at offline stores. ‘Two sizes smaller’ bra instead of a right-sized push-up one, a fit so large that all the popcorn filled up the cups, and more. Some ‘laugh out loud’ content is being shared with the hashtag #SalesmanWaliBra.

Focusing majorly on whipping up interactions and churning out fascinating personal experiences, the campaign aimed at creating some gender bonding on their social media. The ad film garnered over a million views with 40 reactions.

How Pretty Secrets redefined basics prettily

Women have a misconception that stylish lingerie should only be worn on special occasions while they should wear simple cotton ones on daily basis. PrettySecrets campaign #RedefineBasics aims to get rid of such misconceptions with its stylish yet comfortable lingerie.

The key objective of the campaign is to establish PrettySecrets as the perfect synergy of comfort and style and hence the go-to lingerie brand for today’s Indian women. The campaign is based on the fact that one of the biggest misconceptions is that “pretty” lingerie should be used only for special occasions or for those special nights while plain cotton and whites should be used as everyday wear.

It also collaborated alongside Girliyapa, Women-Centric Youtube channel to take a humorous route to the #redefinebasics campaign. The active audio-visual integration showed the app, website collection and how apart from lingerie the brand also has other categories to offer.

The video garnered 9 million views.

Clovia states the importance of lingerie in everyday life

Clovia, one of India’s leading lingerie brands collaborated with Ixigo to stimulate the playful curiosity that surrounds a honeymooning couple’s belongings with a quirky video that shows us ‘must pack items for a honeymoon.’ Right from the staple selfie stick and digicam, to sunglasses and whatnots, it moves on to perhaps the most important part of honeymoon packing. Lingerie!

The brand aimed at igniting a conversation that eventually leads from Clovia stores to the bedroom by revisiting the honeymoon ‘phase’ and the excitement that it brings with it. The campaign video with its quirky take clicked with digital audiences as it quickly received more than 200k views on Facebook, and 100 shares on Clovia’s official page, and went on to receive 45k views and 100 shares on Ixigo’s official Facebook page.

These lingerie brands of India did their branded content right and made it to the Indian Lingerie Market. Strawberry Branding takes content as a great opportunity to strengthen and reaffirm your company’s identity and values, both internally with your employee base and externally with your customers.

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