Mothers’ Day Special: Mom Entrepreneurs of India

Mom Entrepreneurs

Mothers in India have emerged as a force to reckon with in every possible field and are forging ahead with confidence. A friend, confidant, teacher, nagger, and boss, a complete multi-tasker, mothers can be everywhere at once. Some of these women are mom entrepreneurs who wish to be their own boss and manage their lives on their own terms. This Mothers’ Day, we have compiled a list of mom entrepreneurs of India, who are not only mothers but also great leaders and entrepreneurs.

Meena Bindra – Biba Apparels

Seeing the opportunity for women’s north Indian ethnic wear in the market and liked to dabble in good design, Meena Bindra started a small tailoring outfit for women’s garments from her Mumbai home when her husband had a posting there, way back in 1988, which was later named Biba. She started with designing and getting 40 salwar suits tailored, and sold them from home.

Today, Biba Apparels has a company with an annual sales turnover of Rs 650 crore. Being a mother of two, Bindra gets involved in designing various lines that the company launches every season. Today, Biba has emerged as a market leader in the women’s ethnic wear market, with her son Siddharth, 40, at the helm as managing director. With 275 stores now, it will tap the franchise route to reach small towns and cities. With such passion for her dream and the consistency she had throughout, Meena Bindra tops our Mothers’ Day mom entrepreneurs of India list for teaching young moms that motherhood is only a phase, not a hurdle that stops you from pursuing your dreams.   

Ekta Kapoor- Balaji Telefilms Pvt. Ltd.  

Ekta Kapoor, the queen of soap operas in India, is one woman who needs no introduction! She is the founder and managing director of Balaji Telefilms Pvt. Ltd and its digital media channel ALT BALAJI. Having completed over 15,000 hours of television content since inception; there is no single soul in this country or for that matter in the continent who has the guts to compete with her. And quite frankly; by single-handedly earning her stature in the industry, Ekta is an unmatchable example for the entire woman race along with all the aspiring young creative minds and entrepreneurs too!

With such a bold personality that can shake up the man’s world, Ekta Kapoor takes the second place in our Mothers’ Day mom entrepreneurs of India list. 

Suchi Mukherjee- Limeroad

Before Suchi Mukherjee moved to India and set up e-commerce fashion website LimeRoad, she was involved in scaling up technology businesses in the UK, having held top jobs at eBay, Skype, and Gumtree. LimeRoad was the inception of an idea that came to the former investment banker after the birth of her son Aadit when she was on maternity leave. With the concept in place for a women’s online lifestyle platform, where one could access the vast array of amazing products, the challenge of turning entrepreneur with two young children to take care of had just started.

From leaving behind her son who was a few months old then, and daughter Myra in London with her husband, and traveling every month to India for 15 days, it was a tough year for the family.  And while she knows that there are many ‘mom things’ she misses in trying to be a successful entrepreneur, being a parent, on the other hand, gives her an enormous corpus of learning on dealing with people.

Life always has something in store for us. It depends upon how you overcome the hurdles to reach your happiness. For being an optimistic mom, Suchi Mukherjee takes the third place in our Mothers’ Day mom entrepreneurs of India list   

Rupali Ambegaonkar- Tea Culture of the World

Rupali gave up her flourishing career in the medical profession when she had a daughter. After being a homemaker for five years, she got motivated to start something on her own during her sabbatical. That was when she came up with the idea of the Tea Culture of the World.

TCW Pvt Ltd is a contemporary tea brand that brings the exotic and finest whole leaf tea blends from India and around the world. Today, TCW Tea Pvt Ltd has a presence in over 200 stores across top retailers and an ever-growing loyal customer base. Dr. Rupali aims to grow her business in India and overseas.

Rupali sacrificed her profession to beget her passion. For taking risks and being a gutsy mom, Rupali Ambegaonkar takes the fourth place in our Mothers’ Day mom entrepreneurs of India list

Mehak Mirza Prabhu- Jhumritalaiya

Mehak Mirza Prabhu is one of the most popular open mic storytellers. Her life has been a roller coaster ride since the age of 19 years when her entire family met with a brutal accident, and she instantly grew up. Her all dreams of higher studies were shattered into pieces. She has been the sole owner of her father’s ad agency since that time. She has launched a website which serves as an online storytelling platform Jhumritalaiya, a blogger at Half Baked Beans, an emerging Delhi based publishing giant, and a mother of a cute daughter too. Being a single mother, she has been an inspiration for many including her daughter and other artists in her niche. Women are not just powerful but extremely creative and talented, and she stands as an epitome of this phrase.

For standing up against all obstacles and fighting against the conventional norms, Mehak Mirza Prabhu takes the fifth place in our Mothers’ Day mom entrepreneurs of India list.

These amazing mom entrepreneurs of India have left no stone unturned to become successful at their ventures. They kept pursuing their passion without worrying about the judging eyes of society. These marvelous moms are proof that one can have both and strike a perfect work-life balance. Let this Mothers’ Day not only be an occasion for your children to show their love. Dig up that unlived passion of yours and shower some love on it. Happy Mothers’ Day to all the moms in the world. 

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