Print Media Buying: Buying Newspaper Ad slots, Flyers, Leaflets and Brochures and more

Print media buying is not just a specialty – it’s an art form that requires many skills to navigate a constantly-shifting landscape and get the best ROI for your clients. Sure, you can try and go it alone and make your print media buys, but we think you’ll find it easier and more effective (and profitable) if you seek help from seasoned pros.

Types of Newspaper Ads and Buying them

Newspaper advertising rates vary significantly by location, popularity & circulation of the newspaper and type of ad whether classified or display. If you want to get an idea about display ad rates for Hyderabad market for booking full-page ad on front page of a newspaper with the highest circulation and readability like The Times of India, you can expect to pay a few lakhs easily. However, this price tag with the right vendor is highly negotiable due to their industrial relations and ability to provide bulk deals and offers that will make the activity worthwhile.

Classified, Classified Display and Impact Display Ads are three types of newspaper advertisement types.

Among the three types of newspaper ads, display ad sizes matter the most to the general advertisers because classified display ads and classified ads have a lot of limitations by ad sizes. Therefore, advertisers in general clamber and focus more on the display ad sizes as it can be booked in desirable newspaper pages and are charged by square per centimeter. Also, Rates of display ads in newspaper depend on the position of the ad, for instance: an ad published on the right-hand side of the newspaper are more expensive in comparison to the left. However, classified and classified display ads are of small scale, charged by the number of lines published which often tend to get lost in the aggregate cluster of classified display ads.

Media Buying of Newspaper Classified Ads

Classified Text Newspaper Advertisement is charged by the number of lines published in any newspaper. The classified text ad rates vary with the advertisement published in various National & Regional newspapers, circulation, readability, and popularity of the newspaper, ad size, and city. To make the classified advertisement attractive from the lot, the advertisers can add a background color, tick mark or can also make the text appear bold – all these changes come at an additional cost. Also, classified ads cannot be published on any page of the newspaper; classified display ads can only be published in the classified pages of the newspaper. Ads which are released in the classified format are matrimonial, property, recruitment, business, personal, vehicles, announcement, services, public notice and tender, name change, marriage notice, education, lost and found, obituary, remembrance, and astrology.

Media Buying of Newspaper Classified Display Ads

Classified Display ads allow the advertiser to implement creative to the advert. Since Classified Display Ads are published in selected classified pages, therefore to make it stand out, the advertisers can utilize images, logos, contrasting headers and footers in the ads. Classified display ad rates vary by their size in terms of square centimeter unit or column. Classified display ads are more costly than classified text ads but less expensive than display ads. Ads which are released in classified display format are matrimonial, property, recruitment, business, personal, vehicles, announcement, services, public notice and tender, name change, marriage notice, education, lost and found, obituary, remembrance, and astrology.

Media Buying of Newspaper Display Ads

Display Ads in the newspaper can be published on any desirable page of any newspaper. Display ad rates depend on their size and page on which the ad is published. This type of ad can occupy a quarter of a page, half a page and even full page of a newspaper and cannot be less than 4X4 centimeter. Though the minimum size is subject to distinct newspapers, various additional charges are applicable for specific page preference. Display ads are perfect for Business, Retail, and Recruitment sectors.

Flyers, Leaflets, Booklets, Pamphlets and More

Flyers – or leaflets and handbills if you prefer to call them that – are single sheet print materials. In India, the usual size for flyers intended for posting is 8.5″ x 11″. Smaller sizes are far more common for flyers aimed as handouts.

Compared with other forms of print promotions, flyers are a relatively affordable way to reach a localized group of people. As they are only single sheet prints, they can be printed and shipped overnight for rush jobs at affordable prices.

Flyers are most often used for:

  • Event announcements
  • Advertising openings for new clubs, bars, restaurants, etc
  • Fact sheets handed out at trade shows or conferences.
  • As handouts and newspaper/magazine inserts
  • As information sheets, as part of a promotional campaign
  • Other general localized advertisements

Brochures are unbound multi-page print products. They’re generally created from single sheets and are often folded to form bi-folds, tri-folds, and so on.

Producing folded brochures takes a bit more technical expertise than flyers, as the alignment of the folds and the proofing need to be precise to create a professional-quality product.

Due to the relative time and expense needed to create folded brochures, they aren’t usually given out as freely as flyers or business cards. They are better used in more targeted campaigns.

Brochures are popular for the following applications:

  • As reference materials for customers and employees
  • To follow up other promotional materials to help close a sale
Pamphlets and Booklets

This is where it gets a bit more complicated. Booklets are always multi-sheet and always bound. Common options include staples, saddle-stitching, Wire-O, or similar.

“Pamphlets” is a much looser definition. Pamphlets may be bound or unbound. When unbound, they may be single or multi-sheet and multi-page.

So with this definition, pamphlets can be brochures or a bunch of flyers, depending on what you need.  Booklets, on the other hand, are always bound in some way. This naturally makes booklets more durable. The extra processing also increases the turnaround time. As in brochures, proofing and alignment are also a bit more complicated than they would be on single sheet prints.

Like brochures, booklets are used for promotions. Albeit not quite as often as single sheet prints due to their relative cost.

Popular applications for booklets include:

  • Product and service catalogs
  • Reference materials
  • Manuals
  • Any application where detailed descriptions and durability are desired
Printing cost of Brochures, Leaflets, Pamphlets and Flyers in India

The flyer printing charges are dependent on the paper type, size and quality of the print required. It starts from ₹0.80 per flyer to get printed for a basic kind of paper and print quality.

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