The 10-Year Challenge: Major Brand Revamps of the Decade.

strawberry branding 10 year challenge of brands

The 10-year challenge isn’t ending without the biggest brand revamps. 2019 saw several rebrands: from the extreme, which included name changes and unrecognizable logos, to more subtle facelifts that help breathe new life into a storied brand. Here are 10 of the most notable rebranding which made it to the 10-year challenge.

Slack: From a ‘#’ to a colorful splat

To the first, we have the all new rebranding of the logo design of Slack topping the 10-year challenge of the major brand revamps. This major brand revamp happened on Jan 16, 2019. Slack, the instant messaging app that makes it easier to talk to your colleagues, had switched its logo last week to a brand-new. A new brand identity for the collaboration hub captures its simplicity and ease of use. Derived from the original logo and built on a grid, the new octothorpe is comprised of two basic geometric shapes––a speech bubble and lozenge––that can be extracted and used as graphic elements. The speech bubble evokes communication and connectivity and will form the basis of a system of customized icons, illustrations, and motifs with rounded corners that echo the shapes of the logo. The new octothorpe can scale up or down to optimize legibility at various sizes. The updated palette features four primary colors, more manageable than the original’s eleven, which suffered against any background color other than white. These have been optimized to look better on screen, and the identity also retains Slack’s distinctive aubergine purple as an accent color. Used in the platform’s main communication channel, the color makes Slack instantly recognizable against the white of other desktop windows.

strawberry branding slack

Flipkart: More about the shopping process

Flipkart’s old logo had good intentions, with the “f” completing the shopping cart drawing but, well, no, not a good idea. The shopping cart imagery is good for the shopping cart user interface icons and should be avoided as a company logo unless you are in the business of making shopping carts. The new logo is a remarkably pleasant update, starting with the wordmark which is friendly and accessible. It beautifully captures youthfulness and playfulness. The new logo creation had three points in concern: the new identity had to create a positive perception about the brand; the logo needed to be more inclusive in its appeal to all our customers and given our focus on the mobile platform it had to stand out on the app interface. Moving to a shopping bag icon makes the logo more about the end result than the process of shopping, which makes for a better concept. With this, Flipkart makes it to the 10-year challenge brand revamp chart.

strawberry branding flipkart

Uber: Movement ignites Opportunity

With the brand revamp in 2018, Uber highlights movement as effortless as tapping the app to request a ride and the new logo design celebrates the endless opportunities movement makes possible. As they invested in the wordmark as the logo and not a symbol, the new logo is approachable, easy to read, and takes full advantage of the name recognition. The new redesign moves Uber into a more positive and accessible aesthetic that puts functionality and practicality first with “Uber” in a custom sans-serif font.

strawberry branding uber

Ogilvy and Mather: ‘Goodbye Mather’, The sweeping rebrand

2019 saw the dawn of a whole new Ogilvy and Mather after 70-years of its foundation. The brand officially dropped ‘Mather’ from its name in the form of ‘Next Chapter’. The global transformation was designed to clarify the company’s purpose, simplify its structure, and unify behind one single brand: Ogilvy. In addition to that, it also introduced a new logo and color scheme, a bright shade of red, acting as the brand signature. It seems that Ogilvy is staying true to its founders’ mantra: Change is our lifeblood. The 10-year brand revamp challenge couldn’t be complete without this massive one.

strawberry branding ogilvy

MailChimp: Giving Creativity a structure

As the product has evolved to meet the changing needs of customers, MailChimp has evolved as a new brand identity and design system. One main goal of this new brand identity is to provide a consistent structure to Mailchimp’s design language. The Freddie icon has long been our Mailchimp’s primary brand mark, The Freddie is simplified a bit, with tweaks to its shape and fine details to make sure it looks great at any size. Through a process of iteration and refinement, a wordmark has been developed that lives in harmony with the Freddie icon to build equity for both. The “c” in MailChimp is lowercased as Mailchimp now, is more than an email company, from automation and ads to landing pages and postcards. MailChimp now stands for more than its component parts. To help with that mental shift, we now write it as a single word with a capital M: MailChimp.

strawberry branding mailchimp

Dunkin’ Donuts: Drastic change double downed with simplicity

The company announced changing its name to Dunkin’ – dropping the Donuts part. For the record, it will still sell donuts. Dunkin’ retains the familiar pink and orange colors and iconic font but drops “donuts” part and coffee cup symbol. The objective of this redesign is to take a step to achieve that the company is perceived as a non-specialized brand. The key drivers of this change were the popularity of Dunkin’s coffee offering and avoiding any possible confusion to new customers as to whether only donuts are served

The Dunkin’ case is a good example of how many brands need to revise their names and be minimally updated to embrace change.

strawberry branding dunkin

Badoo: Symbolising the most meaningful connections

Badoo has just redesigned its app making it easier to use, safe and functional, and has taken this opportunity to make a comprehensive redesign of its visual identity. Badoo strips away the chaos of multiple colors and opts for new symbol and new typography.

Its new symbol (a simple chubby heart) is designed to work with impact as an app or avatar icon in networks, something that was more difficult with its previous image. The new font reaffirms this intention of cleanliness and circularity of the whole identity, with very geometric and thick characters.

A new pattern was introduced that forms hearts of different colors, sizes, and positions, which serves as a graphic element that brings personality and unity to all the identity. The new color palette is different from Tinder and Bumble and every app in between. With this evolution, Badoo, makes an important generational leap, traveling from the era of dating websites to the era of geolocation apps. This generational leap is portrayed in its new heart, a symbol that materializes very well the company’s desire to have an element that works well as an app icon and as an avatar in the digital era.

strawberry branding badoo

Animal Planet: Strong and Bold with the same Energy and Joy

Another “change everything!” 2018 rebrand came from Animal Planet. The TV channel’s new logo is a departure from the quirky mismatched text of its previous design. It features a blue elephant symbol and a black wordmark in lowercase letters — a logo that offers flexibility across platforms and is easily scalable. The new logo features a minimal, blue silhouette of an elephant, which appears almost as a swoosh, with the channel name set in a black, bold sans-serif typeface underneath, all in lowercase.

It’s a silhouette, so it doesn’t rely on color. It has a lot of motion and a distinctive shape to it, so even if you see it very tiny or from far away, it still registers. There is a graphic quality to it beyond the fact that the subject matter is appropriate. The logo is a reinterpretation of a former, more complex logo held by Animal Planet, which featured an elephant cut-out alongside a more realistic image of a globe, with the logotype set underneath these two icons. The primary color palette was green and white.

strawberry branding animal planet

Flipboard: Communicating Transparency and Perspective.

Keeping on the “subtle redesign” train, online news aggregator Flipboard updated its logo in April, introducing an all-caps typeface, a single-color symbol, and a brighter shade of red. The new “F”  symbol — which represents a window — can now be used on top of imagery with the background showing through, communicating transparency and perspective.

strawberry branding flipboard

GoDaddy: The new face of Quirkiness

Unlike Mailchimp’s addition of a mascot to its logo, GoDaddy went the other direction and dropped its cartoonish “guy” symbol — a bold move considering it’s a strong identifier for the company. The logo kept the typeface introduced in its 2016 redesign, with a color change from black to green.

strawberry branding godaddy

🍓 Works: Re-Branding & Revamp

Center of Organizational Development (COD), Hyderabad

The Corporate logo for COD symbolizes the company’s continuing goal to enable corporates in building internal capabilities for sustained growth, through innovative management practices and expert advisory service. The corporate identity for COD is based on a simplistic yet powerful symbolic representation of the lemniscate “infinity” concept that is an interpretation of perfection, duality, empowerment (tied to the concept of being eternal and thus unbreakable). The logo is also represented by the letters “C,” “O” & “D” intricately woven into the infinity symbol to present a typographic Logo for the company. The form of the logo is highly stylised, giving a sense of vitality to the concept. The logo is designed in colors “Green” & “Blue” symbolizing Development, Growth, Acceptance & Communication. The color Green is represented for sustainable growth & development giving a hint of corporate responsibility, whereas “Blue” giving a sense of corporate strength and dignity which also represents communication.

strawberry branding cod

[Vshoot] Photography, Hyderabad

Broadcasting your message to the targeted audience fuelled with creativity knows no bounds. Our clients’ artistic work tallies up as merit to us when we try to spread their word digitally.

With our digital skills blended with the artistic work of [VShoot], we accomplished its aim to uplift itself to all around the world.

We developed their website knotting all the loose ends starting from redesigning their logo to complete 360-degree revamping of their Brand. To meet the national and international standard, we had to undergo a lot of modifications towards creating a Brand persona that portrayed the belief of capturing moments into cherished memories. We built a base for them to be socially available and in easy reach to their potential clients.  [Vshoot] captures the moments in their lens and we captured [Vshoot] in Brackets [ ].

strawberry branding vshoot

Whether your company simply needs a facelift or a completely new brand identity to reflect its evolution, rebranding is instrumental in molding the right perception. There’s value in the process as well as in the end result. Strawberry Branding takes rebranding as a great opportunity to strengthen and reaffirm your company’s identity and values, both internally with your employee base and externally with your customers.

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