The Transplantation of Trust: Branding of Healthcare Products.


With the emergence of technology and innovation, the healthcare sector is flooded with options for patients. In this race of new medicinal properties availed now and then, how are you going to make your healthcare product stand out? Let’s see.

As a healthcare marketer, you long to be top-of-mind when someone is looking for a new provider. You strive to get these patients in the door and harness decades-long loyalty.

And the only solution to the above query is a branding strategy. Cultivating a healthcare branding strategy will help you stand out in the marketplace, attract new patients, and top-notch physicians. Everything falls into place, but the only fear is losing the importance of branding in the healthcare sector is when you receive requests for a slew of tactical materials.

So, how do you approach branding, a sensitive topic in a way that’s meaningful and inspires confidence? This is the challenge that healthcare organizations face when it comes to marketing their product or services.

Healthcare providers and entrepreneurs might think, marketing is for making money not for making an impact. But, that’s where they’re wrong. In today’s information overload and hashtag filled world, consistent and robust branding is as essential as ever. With the superpower of Google knowledge, every day millions of people see healthcare branding. They are either seeing you, or your competition. The first thing that most of your patients, customers, or investors will see isn’t your facility or staff; it’s the branding on your website.

Having a great identity is essential. To be quickly perceived as professional, modern, and trustworthy. First impressions set the tone for the next steps in your relationship with a potential patient, buyer, investor, or hopeful family member.

Create your Brand Identity with these simple steps

Research: Delve into the real you

Research is the foundation of anything that needs to make its presence online. When it comes to healthcare products, the definition of research may take a slight shift where the base remains the same: your company, your customers and your competition. When you can really understand these three, then it’s easier to know which direction will be true to your company, resonate with your customers, and make you stand out from the competition.

Brand Sprint:

This exercise was developed by Google Ventures to help startups hit the ground running with their brand. It includes determining what your brand’s core values and personality are. It will also help you take stock of the competitive landscape and think more deeply about your customers. It’s the perfect first step for creating your healthcare brand.

Buyer Personas:

These are semi-fictional representations of your ideal customer. You want to make these as realistic as possible so that you can imagine how your customers will react to any situation or branding decision. Since creating buyer personas requires you to go out and speak to actual prospects, it can provide insights that you wouldn’t get by staying in the office.

S.W.O.T. Analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats):

It helps you to identify your brand’s differentiators and place it on the competitive landscape. It’s an excellent way to understand your company and the competition better.

Once you’ve gone through these steps, try to answer the following questions:

What are my brand’s core values?

What things do my customers want/care about the most?

What opportunities do I have to differentiate myself from the competition?

When you create your branding, try to keep it aligned with your answers. This will give you the best chance for success.

Be original, Be You

After conducting your research, you may find that your product is one of a million products that provide the same results and it may be hard to stand out. No worries; with effective, original branding, it is possible to accomplish your place in the sea of competitors. Rather than try to mimic your competitors and do the same things they are doing, focus on what makes your product unique and market in a way that differentiates your brand from the competition.

Enliven your brand

A crucial part of your healthcare branding strategy is to ensure your values are communicated through every single touchpoint. If you claim to value patients, but keep them on hold for 10 minutes on the phone, guess what — you’re killing your brand. The phrase “patient experience” has been floating around the healthcare industry for a few years, but there is still room to grow. Your brand story isn’t about you. It’s about how you relate to the patients you serve. You may be impressed with a staff physician’s research, but that isn’t tangible to a future patient. What is tangible is how that research was applied to help cure a patient’s disease.

It’s the inner matter that counts ultimately

An often overlooked but essential element of a successful brand strategy is the collaboration of your internal stakeholders. Your physicians, receptionists, and other team members are the real-life expression of your brand. They must understand and support your brand so they can share it authentically. One way to activate your external audience is through a marketing campaign, such as a brand ambassador program.

Trust is the key in healthcare

Branding is vital in all industries. But it plays an especially important role in healthcare, where purchase decisions have more significant implications than, say, the restaurant industry. Healthcare decisions are highly personal. They impact our lives on a grander scale, one that ranges from the necessary quality of life to literally, life-or-death. Before a consumer decides to let a doctor implant a medical device in their body, they need to trust that it will be safe. A doctor isn’t going to use a medical device or drug they’re not confident in, either. Companies earn trust by delivering on their brand promise and by continuously building relationships.

Branding also builds trust beyond products and services. Patients have every expectation that their personal and health data will be fully secure and protected. But they worry – justifiably, given the realities of today’s global technology. Healthcare companies that adopt the most advanced data protection measures are protecting their brand as well as their data. Brand-conscious healthcare companies promote their proactive measures. By telling this story publicly, your company proves you’re doing everything you can. That builds trust.

Looking for an expert that can bring your brand to life? From research to brainstorming, to production, creating a meaningful healthcare brand is a lot of work. Strawberry Branding provides expert design and brand strategy support to existing and upcoming healthcare organizations. We would be happy to schedule an initial consult.

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