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India is the biggest hub to start with an idea and work on your brainchild. With the surplus advantage of a huge target market, so many needs and a technological strong growing economy, thousands of internet entrepreneurs are being minted in India every year. However, only a few have stood out with their startups. We, at Strawberry Branding, believe that these 50 companies have it them to make it huge in the startup sector. So, here’s the list of 50 successful startups in India who have raised millions for their ventures.

WOW! Momo

Founders: Sagar Dayani and Binod Kumar Homagai

Sagar and Binod started Wow! Momo with steamed momos, and soon came up with 12 different varieties, some of them being chicken, chicken and cheese, schezwan, and prawn. For vegetarians, the offerings include corn, and corn and cheese, among others. To Indianise the momos, the team came up with pan-fried momos i.e. momos fried in different sauces making them sour and spicy, thereby exactly suiting the Indian Palette.

Sagar and his colleagues at Wow! Momo created an exciting, well priced, profitable new concept in fast food in a very short time. Their entrepreneurship, innovation and hard work have built Wow! Momo into a brand that the new India loves.  



Founders: Himanshu Kapsime and Manish Garg

ShaadiSaga is an online platform that caters to all wedding-related needs, focusing primarily on weddings ranging between Rs 10 lakh and Rs 1.5 crore in cost. It allows users to choose services from a pool of around 2,500 vendors as per their requirements.  ShaadiSaga truly understands that today’s users expect a high degree of personalization and trust for their wedding planning. ShaadiSaga is India’s fastest growing online portal that enables couples to conveniently plan their wedding through vendor discovery and planning advice from wedding experts and visual inspirations.


Bombay Shaving Company

Founder: Shantanu Deshpande

The thought of blades, shaving creams, and men’s grooming got Shantanu’s brain cells buzzing. That was Shantanu’s Eureka moment; it led to the birth of The Bombay Shaving Company in October 2015. Today, the Bombay Shaving Company claims to have over 12,000 customers, has expanded to 18 different channels and been has chosen by Amazon for a global launch.


Thangvung Privilege Services

Founders: Lian Thangvung and Singreingam Shimprui.

In India, lack of preventive healthcare is a key issue. Most of the people avoid timely medical care due to financial constraints. To address such challenges, Thangvung Privilege Services took birth.

Thangvung Privilege Services (TPS), a healthcare startup offers users a privilege card for financial assistance in medical emergencies at zero percent EMI. The card also gives the holder access to affordable healthcare products and 24X7 doorstep delivery of medicines. Lian has tied up with 35 local healthcare organizations and NBFCs, and since its launch in June 2018, the startup has sold over 700 privilege cards.


Founders: Jyoti Bansal and Rishi Singh

Harness claims to be the industry’s first Continuous Delivery-as-a-Service platform. Harness’ s CD platform takes codes from the artifact stage to production by using templatised pipelines, even for complex deployments such as canary, rolling and blue/green, and thereby crunches the time it takes to build pipelines ‘from a couple of days’ to ‘a couple of minutes.’

In addition to the simplicity of building pipelines, Harness is unique in its use of machine learning to help teams verify the success of its deployments as well as automatically roll back failures, saving countless hours and stress. Finally, Harness integrates security into the Continuous Delivery process every step of the way with secrets management and a full audit trail of every release.


Happy Easy Go

Founders: Vivek Prabhakar and Boris Zha

HappyEasyGo is an online travel domain established in May 2017. Started from Gurugram HappyEasyGo is one of the fastest growing Indian OTA. Their aim is to ensure that every individual can fly with the Best Price and to offer a versatile option of products. The reason for gaining user attention for this website is because of the cutting down of 200-300 rupees per plane ticket. Happy Easy Go have also launched their hotel business platform in August 2018 with multiple diversified products to offer customers the real value for money.


Pocket Aces

Founders: Ashwin Suresh, Anirudh Pandita, and Aditi Shrivastava

Pocket Aces, a digital entertainment and content creation company, is leveraging technology to create engaging content for the Indian millennial through Dice, its digital video division, and FilterCopy, a mixed-media offering.

Pocket Aces now has Dice, which regularly releases fiction content on various social channels. One of their famous shows has been – What the Folks. The team recently also launched Gobble, a food network. Their other platform is FilterCopy, Pocket Aces’ proprietary publishing platform that posts articles on issues that are trending globally. They also produce two-minute daily videos; these are video hackers/teammates who know all facets of video creation, from ideation and photography to post-production.

The company’s brands – FilterCopy, Dice Media, and Gobble – have clocked over a billion organic video views on the back of heavy social sharing and high retention rates.

As of October last year, it had a social reach of 35.9 million. Facebook video views were at 119.7 million.


Onn Bikes

Founders: Namit Jain and Shanky Munoth

Onn Bikes was founded with a view to make bike rentals hassle-free and enable quicker intra-city commutes. And in the sharing economy, it is but natural to get everything on hire. The startup currently offers bike rental plans at a reasonable INR 8 per hour for 100cc bikes. Its daily, weekly, and monthly packages start from INR 175, INR 799, and INR 2,899, respectively. The prices differ as per brands and models and the minimum duration for which you can rent a bike is one hour.


Milk Basket

Founder: Ekwe Chiwundu Charles.

Milkbasket was created in 2015 as India’s first micro-delivery service for today’s busy households to fulfill their grocery needs by eliminating the hassles associated with traditional offline and online grocery buying. The app-based startup delivers milk, bread, vegetables, dairy products and grocery for orders even as low as ₹ 5. It claims to have completed 5 million orders, serving 50,000 families and 600 communities.


Lil’ Flea

Founders: Priyanka Punjabi and Alankar Jain

Imagine you are in a market merged with the biggest food, fashion and music brands of the country set up in different stalls to entertain you; awesome isn’t it? Lil Flea Mumbai is not like any other ordinary market. It is full of quirky ideas, interesting products, delicious food, and heartwarming entertainment. It is not just a market, but a festival in itself. Here, several well-known brands and people from various parts of the country set up their stalls. These stalls have a variety of items right from jewelry to antiques, clothes to bags and so on. One can find a huge variety of quirky and interesting items to shop over here. Not only this, there are several food stalls selling delicacies and desserts as well.


Dogsee Chew

Founders: Bhupendra Kanal

Dogsee Chew produces all-natural dog treats sourced from the finest yak cheese from the Himalayas, known as Churpi, which is also a staple food of the Himalayan natives. These treats, handcrafted from the Himalayas, are completely devoid of grain, gluten, and preservatives and are human grade. The brand is free of grain, gluten, preservatives, color, and has a long shelf-life.



Founder: Tanvi Johri

With its all-natural composition and chic look, Gurgaon-based premium e-commerce sanitary napkin company Carmesi has made its way into half of South Indian women’s toilettes. Carmesi — which is ‘crimson’ in Spanish — saw a considerable response from online platforms such as Purplle, Nykaa, Amazon and Flipkart, and buyers since inception.



Founders: Saket Modi, Rahul Tyagi, Vidit Baxi

Lucideus is a cybersecurity platform which also provides ethical hacking courses and certification. Their software works in real time for the digital security of data with an AI and ML backed platform.



Founders: GBS Bindra, Sushant Panda, Tripat Preet Singh

Charmboard is a  platform enables a user to save and discover what they like from movies, music etc. They have AI-enabled software which can make online videos respond to touch. This makes it a unique and useful pick for the users to save important inspirations from videos.


Blue Tokai

Founders: Matt Chitharanjan, Namrata Asthana

The hobby turned into a business; Blue Tokai already has multiple outlets and is serving 100% Arabica coffee beans. Their quality is appreciable, and the transparency they provide to their customers makes the experience even better for everyone.


Magic Crate

Founders: Karthik Lakshman, Viswanathan R

Offering educational activities for children, this edutech startup engages children in a fun way. They make learning more interesting with specially designed programs for children of ages 0-15 years. Building products, which children keep coming back to, is not an easy task but this startup has achieved this target. It can rightly be said that Magic Crate is a box full of joy!


Bira 91

Founder: Ankur Jain

Two years, four products, seven cities; that is how Bira 91, the Indian beer with a Belgian heart, introduces itself as it gets ready to expand into eight new cities and extend its portfolio of brands in 2019. The aim was to create a brand that was heavy on taste, young and unorthodox and positioned in between cheap Indian labels and expensive foreign ones.


Log 9 materials

Founders: Akshay Singhal

Log 9 materials startup combines the manufacturing sector with nanotechnology by working on energy solutions for a cleaner future. The main focus is on the graphene nanotechnology to bring about a revolutionary change.



Founders: Vinay Singhal, Parveen Singhal, Shashank Vaishnav

Listed among the top 500 most visited websites in India within a year of its operations, WittyFeed has arrived on the content map, arresting readers with its viral content. is, as it is branded, a charticle platform. For everyone who loves to express, read, write, and explore. It is like the YouTube of modern-age bloggers wanting to write ‘photo stories and listicles’. However, what makes WittyFeed really click with millions of readers across the globe is its hand-picked collection of viral content that’s trending on the Internet.


Call Health

Founders: Sandhya Raju

CallHealth is a technology-powered healthcare company that brings healthcare services to the doorstep of the customer. Definitely worth being as one of the best startups in India.



Founders: Ankit Saraf, Anmol Gupta and Jayant Jha

Yaantra is an online mobile phone store that offers repairing, refurbishing and reselling services for smartphones. Founded in 2013 in Delhi, as a brand, its aim was to be a pioneer in the refurbished smartphones segment.

Currently it has self-own edits own service centres in seven cities and is also available pan-India through its retail partners in over 250 cities.

With a growth of 600 percent year-on-year, Yaantra claims to have expanded its presence across India through a strong retail network as well as by growing its own capabilities.


Stanza Living

Founders: Anindya Dutta and Sandeep Dalmia

Stanza is a unique housing concept created for students moving to a new place and wanting to create a space for themselves.



Founders: Aman Gupta and Sameer Gupta

Lifestyle brand boAt offers fashionable consumer electronics products such as earphones, headphones, speakers, travel chargers, waterproof Bluetooth speakers or ‘Bassheads’, and premium rugged cables.  With a strong focus on high-quality audio and innovative design, boAt products claim to have consumer needs and desires at the core of their design.


Graphic India

Founders: Gotham Chopra, Sharad Devarajan, and Suresh Seetharaman

Graphic India is the nation’s very well known animation creator. Want to see their recent work? Watch “Baahubali: The Lost Legends” on Amazon Prime and get amazed and you’ll know why they are among the best startups in India.


Open Out

Founder: Arun Rafi

OpenOut is a trusted community of people, hosts, and guests, where you can create, explore or become a part of unique at-home social experiences.

Mr. Button

Founder: Deepak Khetan

Made for Indian men, Mr. Button was an idea to make Indian men fashionable and presentable!



Founder: Shripal Morakia

Smaaash is a fun-filled space with high – class technological games to entertain youngsters and adults equally!


Banyan Nation

Founders: Raj Madangopal and Mani Vajipey

The startup cleans and recycles 1,200 tonnes of plastic annually and sends it back to the manufacturing sector for reuse. Now, it has been shortlisted for the Circular Economy Awards at the World Economic Forum. Banyan Nation has been doing exactly that through a proprietary plastic cleaning technology it has developed in its 20,000-sq-ft facility in Hyderabad. Banyan, though, has been successful in generating some demand for Better Plastic — a near-virgin grade recycled plastic it creates from post-consumer and post-industrial waste streams — in India.



Founder: Sarath Chandran, Vishal Gahlaut and Vishesh Dahinwal

Noticeboard is focused on leveraging the power of the mobile phone to make information more accessible and will be looking for top talent that understands the nuances of the small screen deeply. It aims to make organizational communication more inclusive.


Bohri Kitchen

Founders: Munaf Kapadia and Nafisa Kapadia

Munaf Kapadia and his mother, Nafisa Kapadia, were having lunch at their home in Colaba on a Saturday afternoon in November 2014. However, instead of just the mother and son enjoying a good Bohri meal, this time around they were joined by six strangers. The idea to invite people over for a paid meal was a hit and that’s how The Bohri Kitchen, a concept food dining experience in Mumbai, was born.

Today, The Bohri Kitchen is not only a famous home-dining experience in the city, but also has its own kitchen and delivers food at your doorstep.

For many, Bohri cuisine is a rare delicacy, possibly tasted at a friends’ or at a wedding. For Munaf, crispy kheema samosas, roasted raans and succulent chicken angaari was a regular meal.



Founders: Shashank Agarwal and Adarsh Jain

ThirdWatch is an Artificial Intelligence driven startup based in Gurgaon and aimed to reduce the fraud that occurs in digital transactions through AI and machine learning. Its platform Mitra prevents fraud in digital, banking and e-commerce transactions in real time by integrating AI. Its system captures 200+ parameters and flags each transaction in real time, as red or green. It generates a risk score also which defines riskiness of the transaction. These days companies have little choice and fewer tools to prevent Fraud- they consider it as a ‘cost of doing business’.



Founders: Padmanabhan Balakrishnan, Anand Ayyadurai

Vogo, a scooter rental startup, has raised $6m to $7m in a funding round led by ANI Technologies and Hero MotoCorp. It is also India’s first automated scooter rental startup. With 10 Million+ kilometers already traveled, the easy service and affordability make it an accessible and preferred option for people.



Founders: Ankur Goyal

&ME is a women-focused startup which makes healthy bioactive beverages with fruits, vegetables, spices, herbs, and flowers. Their nutritious drink relieves premenstrual symptoms and comes in great flavors. This lifestyle beverage is truly an innovative and one of its kind invention!



Founders: V. Subramanian, Kuljit Chadha

SaaS platform Disprz offers a comprehensive learning management system to help companies on-board and engage employees while increasing their productivity and helping them continuously learn online and update their skills.

The Mumbai and Chennai-based company offers a comprehensive learning management solution (LMS). Its multilingual app helps to on-board and engage employees, increase their productivity, and helps them continuously learn online. It works across the spectrum, right from when an employee joins a company.

Their current venture has worked with more than 100 companies, and claims to have three of the world’s top insurance companies using its platform. Some of Disprz’s other prominent customers include Naspers, Delhivery,, Hindustan Petroleum, among others. The SaaS-based platform has also raised $2.5 million from IL&FS and Kae Capital.


Flip Spaces

Founders: Kunal Sharma

With technological advancements, the process of designing and contracting for consumers has also changed. FlipSpaces, the interior design startup, employs virtual reality to its uses for builders and creation of coworking spaces.



Founder: Dhimaan Shah and Archana Walawalkar

Who wouldn’t like a personal stylist? Each one of us has different fashion and styling needs, but most of us don’t get the much-vaunted red carpet, chic business, or hot date look right. That’s where StyleCracker comes in. Known to curate and create boxes of apparel, accessories, beauty, and other items, StyleCracker is an individual’s personal style concierge.

It was this personalization that got actor Alia Bhatt to buy a stake in the platform.


Terribly Tiny Tales

Founders: Anuj Gosalia and Chintan Ruparel

Perturbed by the content that was available to netizens, especially to those who spend so much time on social media, Anuj Gosalia felt that it was important to create better content. The annoyance he felt that day, as a writer, helped him conceptualize the idea of ‘Terribly Tiny Tales‘. Terribly Tiny Tales (TTT) are stories written within 140 characters (including spaces). Terribly Tiny Tales borrowed from the brevity of Twitter, the impact of flash fiction and the social web’s opportunity to easily collaborate. Also, the packaging of the tale into an image made it visually attractive and easy to consume.


Cure Fit

Founder: Ankit Nagori and Mukesh Bansal makes it super-easy for people to lead a healthy lifestyle across food, physical fitness, mental well-being and primary healthcare through one single platform.

Cure Fit intelligently integrates four verticals that work together to ensure the holistic well-being of their users: physical fitness via, mental well-being via, and healthy eating via; in the works is, which will soon provide personalised healthcare solutions.

What differentiates from other players in the market is that it drives its preventive healthcare philosophy through engagement, coaching and delivery, using a combination of online and offline channels. All this is made possible through complex technology and uncompromised customer service.


Idea Forge

Founders: Ankit Bhat, Rahul Singh, Ashish Bhat

The team started their explorations in unmanned systems as early as 2004 when they independently discovered the quadrotor configuration. On the back of bootstrapping projects from the IIT Bombay’s Aerospace engineering department, ideaForge helped IIT Bombay win an international UAV competition in 2008. It subsequently created the then world’s smallest and lightest autopilot and India’s first autonomous micro UAV.

The company is the pioneer in Unmanned Aerial Systems segment in India, developing class-leading, indigenous UAVs for surveillance, reconnaissance, imagery and industrial applications. It was originally incubated in the technology business incubator, SINE at IIT, Bombay and subsequently incubated at CIIE at IIM, Ahmedabad.

It is a vertically integrated company which is equipped with in-house R&D, design, manufacturing, software, services and training operations. This provides the flexibility to customize products for an array of requirements. The company also provides end-to-end UAV solutions and services to the industrial and commercial sectors.

The company is continually innovating and experimenting to transform its aerial platforms, to offer greater performance, higher reliability and autonomy.


Vahdam Teas

Founder: Bala Sarda

Delhi-based Vahdam Teas targets the world market, by shipping out tea leaves as close to the time as they have been harvested. The US provides more than half of this funded startup’s revenues. Vahdam Teas work with about 175 tea plantations and small growers across all seven tea-growing regions in India – Darjeeling, Assam, the Nilgiris, Arunachal Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Sikkim, and Bihar, as well as in Nepal. They have already shipped over 20 million cups of tea to 76 countries in two years.


Leucine Tech

Founders: Vivek Gera and Abhishek Jha

Regulatory non-compliance is the most critical challenge faced by the pharma industry worldwide. Founded by Vivek Gera and Abhishek Jha in 2017, LeucineTech has built an intelligent solution that reduces the risk of non-compliance by 80% through automation and predictive analytics. They are working with the top 10 pharmaceutical companies in India and have a strong pipeline of companies interested to implement it.


Josh Talks

Founder: Shobit Bhanga and Supriya Paul

Stories always hold a special place in one hearts. Using this concept, Josh Talks uses words to inspire everyone wanting to be motivated!



Founders: Shreya Mishra, Pranay Surana and Tushar Saxena

Despite having a full wardrobe, more often than not, you realize the repeats in your wardrobe can be boring. The idea of an online fashion rental portal, Flyrobe, was spawned when three IIT Bombay graduates – Shreya Mishra, Pranay Surana, and Tushar Saxena – realized the need for high-quality fashion.



Founders: Devesh Rai, Hitha Uchil and Varun Guru

Wydr is a B2B app-based Online wholesale marketplace for buying and selling. It is a platform which enables you to bring your wholesale business online. The company was founded in March 2016 by Devesh Rai, Hitha Uchil, and Varun Guru and allows retailers and wholesalers to buy directly from distributors and manufacturers across categories like fashion, home, automotive and electronics.

The platform also allows buyers to connect with sellers on Wydr Chat to customize their requirements, negotiate prices and close deals.


Finger Lix

Founder: Shree Bharambhe

Making finger – licking homely food, Fingerlix aims at being ‘the food’ for traveling professionals and fill stomachs of people with tasty food.


Wish Berry

Founders: Anshulika Dubey and Priyanka Agarwal

Wishberry is a risk- free way to bring creative, innovative ideas to life. Wishberry, a crowdfunding platform cofounded by two high- energy, articulate and intelligent entrepreneurs, is an unashamed knock off of an existing, successful idea that international platforms such as Indiegogo (founded in 2008), Kickstarter (2009), Pozible (2010) and others captured early. Many similar Indian funding platforms have spawned from the originals — including Wishberry in its current avatar (2012).


Your Quote

Founders: Harsh Shehanshu and Ashish Singh

YourQuote has shown rapid organic growth. Its mobile app is available on Android as well as iOS, and an overall user base of over five lakh from across India. With over 45 lakh posts (original video and written content) in more than 15 languages, the platform has been registering an impressive 20-30% monthly growth. Via their offline community, YourQuote has so far organised more than 300 offline Open Mic events across the country in more than 35 cities and colleges, which further strengthens the community engagement


TAO Automation

Founders: Jawahar Bekay and Arjun Vaznaik

TAO Automation is the first pure-play independent automation consulting and solutions. TAO Automation aims to provide outcome-based solutions, ensuring flawless and highly-optimized, end-to-end, machine intelligence-based process automation solutions focused on digitizing working environment.


Biryani by Kilo

Founders: Kaushik Roy, Ritesh Sinha and Vishal Jindal

Targeting India’s most favorite food Biryani, this company has reached in the veins of maximum people. Biryani by Kilo does what the name suggests, sends happiness parceled and is perfect for any occasion. Guess what? It a rating of 4.0 on Zomato. Yummy idea!


Prop Story

Founder: Ashish Mahajan and Bhagwandas Palliwal

PropStory is a content platform for the real estate industry. The organization has been floated by professionals with several years of experience in Real Estate investing, private banking, and internet technology.


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