Top Advertising Campaigns of India, Series – 2

strawberry branding top advertising campaings of india series 2
Top Advertising Campaigns of India Series 2

Advertising Campaigns are an essential aspect of business since they can make or break a brand depending upon the different indicators of success: creativity, memorability, cultural impact and increase in revenue or brand authority. Lots of advertising campaigns in India are launched along with the products but there are few which people connect with and remember for a long time. People don’t care about the product as much as they care about the solution. And when it comes to advertising campaigns, the way you portray your product to the consumers, it’s not about what you are selling, but what you can do for them. This type of mentality has a significant effect on how you market to consumers now. It’s not so much about pushing a product as it is about creating a level of trust with your customers. They want to be part of a conversation; they crave personal interactions. And when you’re able to connect with the pain points of the audience, your success is sky high. Given below are such evergreen advertising campaigns that are still afresh in the minds of the audience.

Mauka Mauka by Star Sports

What can be more intriguing than a marketing campaign involving a cricket crazy nation and the evergreen India-Pakistan rivalry? Mauka Mauka just stood up to the expectations in grabbing all the eyeballs soon after the video launch. At a place where cricket is treated as a religion, an advertising campaign that captured the desire to retain the cup and bid to hold on to the cricket’s most coveted prize just added some spice to it. India was bound together in a passionate, spine-chilling, feeling roaring to win a war. India as the defending champion was just the starting point. Star Sports got a unique brand identity adding a bit of controversy but a whole lot of eyeballs.  

The much loved ‘Mauka Mauka’ ad is undoubtedly one of the most well-planned and executed cricket ads ever. It struck the right emotional chords, and with humor and humility, the ad became a spot on hit. The best part of the idea was that the ad didn’t show much of cricket or talked about the great stars in the team. It just beautifully showcased the emotions of cricket lovers. Moreover, it didn’t show an Indian fan praying or playing, but surprisingly a Pakistani fan became the center of attraction. And it said everything.

Amul- The Taste of India

No one does it well like Amul when it comes to creating brand engagement with the creative illustrations on Social media. Amul is now, India’s largest dairy brand and one of the sponsors of the Olympic India contingent. At the Rio Olympics 2016, Amul nailed the brand engagement index armed with nothing but its creatively witty topicals. All the social media posts generated succeeded in bringing a smile onto your face or provoked you into more profound thoughts about sports and the undying spirit to win despite the odds. The Amul girl not only had extended a hand of encouragement to boost our athletes but also ensured continuous and entertaining audience engagement by way of its witty topicals capturing the spirit and the camaraderie of the games.

Cadbury Dairy Milk

In a country of diversified culture where ‘meethai’ for a Punjabi means a jalebi, for Kashmiri it means phirni, Bengali it may mean ‘Rosogolla’and so on. Cadbury Dairy Milk has managed to be the cohesive ‘Meetha’ for all. Be it Shubharambh- kuch meetha ho jaaye or the latest khaane ke baad meethe mein kya hai, every Dairy Milk’s ad campaign managed to bring smiles on all faces watching the TVCs. Despite its passé concept of a joint family, Cadbury Dairy Milk’s campaigns manage to find a way into our hearts with the whole continuation of it ‘Meetha’ strategy.

The campaigns are in line with Cadbury’s conventional approach of borrowing from our lives and then owning it delectably in a way that only they can. The basic thought that comes to our mind after watching these commercials is that they can be regarded as Cadbury’s effort to possess every occurrence of Indian sweet consumption.

Nestle Coffee- #Itallstarts

Nescafe has served its coffee strong to the online audience while embedding a social message without being too preachy. Nestle’s ad campaign #ItAllStarts has rejuvenated the brand.

The 2-minute long ad portrays the story of a struggling stand up comedian who also stammers. The story starts with Hussain Dalal enacting as the main protagonist who shares his journey that begins with rejections. While the world rejected him as a comedian, he kept at it and turned his weakness into his strength. Friends, families started supporting him and laughed at his jokes.

Finally he makes it to the big stage as a stand-up comedian and makes people laugh. The ad ends with the stand-up comedian crediting his success to Nescafe  – “Thank god for coffee. It kept me go go going and kept you a a awake.” The video initially posted exclusively on social networks has earned good praise from the netizens and the honchos of the ad world.

Within a fortnight the video fetched more than 4 million views on YouTube and it is growing with every day. According to Unmetric, the social media brand monitoring product, the YouTube channel has seen a growth rate of 194% when compared to the other Food/Beverage YouTube Channel. From 5th Sept to 22nd Sept, the channel has got 3.8 million views and added 2,624 subscribers.

LUX-Fans of Each Other

LUX brings the best of beauty – and the pleasure that comes with it – to every woman in the world. Throughout the journey, LUX has positioned itself as a luxury beauty brand for women. It’s not only a soap but an experience of rich and long-lasting fragrances. The brand’s purpose is to create a beauty & luxurious brand image and to add value to the ongoing and new campaigns ensuring that LUX stays on the top of mind throughout the year. Talking Point, with its creative engagement ideas,  planned, managed and executed media events by generating exciting content and exciting giveaways.

Moreover, with active participation in LUX TVC ‘Fans of Each Other’ with Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt, and Kareena Kapoor as beauty icons, they were successfully able to amplify their presence on all digital and PR platforms. This ad was successful enough to engage the consumers and this has garnered them around 14 million views.

Manforce- #Shutthephoneup

Condom ads on Indian television have often left a lot to be desired, with years of commercials vacillating between depicting a conversation with a local pharmacist that will make anyone squirm and having the usual suspects do the selling: creaky beds, sheer lingerie, and beautiful, sweaty bodies.

But then came along a campaign that gave the audiences some real talk, with an angle that was perhaps very – if not the most – crucial: that condoms represent not just pleasure, but responsibility. That was the germination of the #ShutThePhoneUp Manforce campaign, which garnered over 40 million views across social media. ShutThePhoneUp Manforce urges young couples to shut their phones up and not film their moments of intimacy. Moreover, it makes them understand the grave consequences of their seemingly harmless actions. This campaign brings to light the sensitive yet essential issue of more and more couples filming their moments of intimacy.

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Titan- #ThisDiwaliGiftTime

This festive season of Diwali, Titan Watches is on a mission urging consumers to gift the ‘Gift of Time’ to the people who matter. Through a campaign called ‘This Diwali gift time’, Titan had made a solid point in this campaign. The biggest gift we can give of ourselves is our time, yet we compensate by gifting expensive watches, precious jewelry, premium chocolates, luxury cars in the hope that it makes the receiver happy. Titan had chosen to go beyond gifting a watch to gifting your time instead, and the time of the campaign is just right around the gifting season. Moreover, the concept did fit well into the life of today’s busy consumers, stuck between gadgets and the need to be ahead.

This Diwali gift time also resonated with the watch brand and further adds to its gifting appeal. Together with the #GiftofTime social media contest, where Titan invited its fans to share it with someone who needs to be reminded to spend time with them, the brand had managed to spread its message across. Uploaded on Titan’s YouTube channel, the minute-long video has crossed over 1.3 million views till date. Social media promotions accompany it on the Facebook and Twitter pages of Titan Watches.

Officers’ Choice Blue

Officer’s Choice Blue pulled out a series of advertising campaigns, ‘Salute to Banta Hai’- a creative that repurposed the brand’s long-standing platform of the ‘Good Samaritan’. The four TVCs put out by Officer’s Choice Blue, narrated testing situations in slices of everyday life and defines the actions made by the protagonists, paving the way for a better and more caring world.

The communication conveys the ‘good’ in actions of giving way to an ambulance over a VIP vehicle, respecting the lowest ranks in office, concern to assuage apprehension of a woman traveling alone, and bringing help to people in need. The process, starting from segmentation research to effectively deliver on new communication, has been incredible. Officer’s Choice franchise is the largest in its category globally, and it is imperative that we deliver ahead of expectation. According to a July report from the globally renowned trade magazine International Wine & Spirits Research (IWSR), the Officer’s Choice whiskey, from the house of Kishore Chhabria-led Allied Blenders & Distillers (ABD) is the world’s largest selling whiskey with a volume sale of 17.10 million cases in 2011.

Sprite- Clear Hai

With the “Clear Hai” campaign, the clear lime drink created mind space across the country as a bastion of “ingenuity” and “clear thinking” as a refreshing side to youth. Coca-Cola, India played up the product route allowing the amazing, lemony and icy cold refreshment of Sprite to allow the youth to get that moment of clarity and navigate through tough situations/ obstacles. With the ad campaign, Coca-Cola India brought forth the message to youth that Sprite provides for an ecosystem of clarity in all aspects of life. An ice-cold, refreshing bottle of Sprite helps you think clearly and work smart. This is what the 2014 campaign depicts. After the campaign launch, the ‘lime, and lemony’ Sprite, also a Coca-Cola brand overtook the market to become the largest selling soft drink brand with 15.6 market share.

Vicks- #TouchofCare

In a cluster where brands through their wide content in the social-verse are somehow directing their support for women empowerment, Vicks got a fresh breeze by becoming a voice for the muted by bringing out the most humane side of this third gender and showing them in a powerful light instead of pity through their content, which undoubtedly became the prevailing part of the film.

Vicks maintained an emotional bond throughout their advertising journey which has etched their presence in the hearts of their consumer by intensifying the sentiment of touch and care. Pertaining to traditional norms, this Vicks Touch Of Care tweaked the idea of a family going beyond biological connections. Even the magnificently weaved story-line also captured how the little girl holds a farsighted dream of becoming a lawyer instead of a doctor for her mother, to help her obtain the fundamental civil rights. Maintaining a sense of suspense until the middle of the film, it managed to depict motherhood in the most relatable manner through its content, yet consisting of a surprise element in their film.

Since, its release on March 29 Vicks Touch Of Care has scored some whooping digits on social media with 3,024,142 views on YouTube, 1.2 million views on Facebook with 14k reactions and 23k shares along with responses flooded on Twitter too.

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