Why Digital Marketing?

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Everything has been changing and involving from its very birth, why leave marketing alone?

It is no surprise that the dependence and use of technology have completely been revolutionized and everything that required attention has to go through digital platforms. The simple reason behind is businesses have to be visible where their target is present and in this modern era, more than 80% of the world population is available digitally. So, when we talk about marketing then why does the word ‘Digital Marketing’ floats at the top and is it really that important?
The answer to that question is a definite YES!

Digital Marketing is the new infrastructure of marketing giving it a new base of operations. Businesses, Small Organizations, and startups need to market digitally to be able to survive in the minds of the people. Further, we will try understanding why digital Marketing is so important for Businesses at all times.

Cost Effective

Small Organizations and Startups have little resources and cannot afford to spend lavishly on marketing their product or service, thus digital marketing comes into the picture where the investment is quite low but the return is quite high. Digital Marketing is a much more cost-effective marketing channel that delivers a result. Traditional methods are way more time consuming and costlier whereas digital marketing is simpler and extremely effective assuring mass reach.

Builds Trust

When a startup speaks socially on a digital platform, it ensures trust as Businesses do not push their content to the customers but instead invite them to engage in the content on their own will. Digital marketing also establishes proofs and testimonials of other users who actually experienced the product or service to build trust among the potential clients. A positive feedback from happy customer results in converting leads.

Mobile Ready

Mobile phones or rather smartphones, from being an alternate mode of communication to people it has now become a necessity. These mobile phones make it to the major part of our lives with over 85% of Indians place their phones within their reaching distance. All websites should be designed in a mobile-friendly manner for more customer engagement. When the format of the website is mobile friendly, customers can easily go through with the help of their finger touch making the process much simpler and faster.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is something that requires constant nurturing as Google keeps updating themselves and the website need to cater to these updates. Today’s time, everyone uses the internet to find information so it is very important for all businesses to be thorough with their SEO to catch their attention as and when required. It is a cost-effective measure which will yield long-term benefits and increase visibility and organic traffic.

Social Media

Most of you are aware of all Social media platforms and the majority has their personal accounts in each one of them. As we showcase our own self on social website similarly it is important for the businesses to build voices through these platforms. Being socially active makes business reach faster and wider connecting with their clients in various ways. Staying social helps the businesses to handle grievances, feedback and track untapped opportunities.

Lead Conversions

When the consumers start trusting the brand due to its digital presence, the customer base increases the chances of converting leads. It is a known fact that people tend to engage in those products and services which are backed by positive feedbacks of other users. Digital marketing allows a healthy communication enabling customers to share theirs after use experience helping the business to grow further.

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