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Driving your Brand towards the Data: Data-Driven Marketing
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Data-driven marketing is quickly becoming the lifeblood of branding. The question for brands, however, is how they can refine insights from the crude oil of data and deliver a customer-centric brand experience using data-driven marketing. The market is now at...
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Why Market Research Important for Startups and Businesses?
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It can be difficult for start-up businesses to get their foot in the door, especially with poor or very little market research. If a business doesn’t know what audience they are targeting or how will they strategize their approaches to...
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Effective Ways of Creating Content
Know Your Audience How can a plant grow without soaking seed in soil similarly how can a business run without knowing customers? Make the roots of your business strong by knowing who are your customers. Find some quick ways to...
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What is Millisecond Marketing?
The digital transformation of commerce brings new challenges, but also opportunities for companies on a global scale. Because consumers want instant, rich, and personalized experiences as they scan the digital marketplace for products that can meet their highly set expectations....
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