Why Should Startup Businesses Require Branding?
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Best way to know your customer Your company image is reflected in your brand. Your target audience should be clear about your brand and the message through it. The brand building process is important to identify your customers. Represent yourself...
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Branding with Diwali: Strategies to use this Diwali to Highlight Your Brand
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There was a time when Diwali meant buying new clothes, eating at fancy restaurants, go for a vacation or purchase some gold or household items. The scenario had changed entirely when our salaries became fatter than ever expected, where CTC...
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Effective Ways of Branding
A brand is not just a name or visual identity of your organization its the uniqueness you create in the minds of your customers. As a startup organization, it is necessary not only to focus on your product or service...
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GST Price Slabs for Advertising, Branding, Marketing, Designing, Technology and Consulting Services
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The most common word that has been frequently heard by Indians is “GST”. This word caused a commotion in the economic world of India, right from individuals to business everybody in the country is busy understanding GST. The new tax...
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