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Bamboo & Biryani

Oh, who doesn’t love biryani! The delicious taste, blended with the most intoxicating aroma can make anyone fall in love with Biryani. Bamboo and Biryani brings to you the best bamboo biryani of Vijayawada! Prepared in the most natural and methodical way, the biryani at Bamboo and Biryani is made with utmost care, so it not only fills your hunger but touches your heart as well.

So, don’t miss out on our lip-smacking varieties of Biryani.

Bamboo & Biryani is a QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) based in Vijayawada, India. Specializing in combining the information, marketing and promoting property services. We wanted to give the icon a bit powerful and perfection combining the values & functionality of the company with the power of visibility.

The color gives the brand a lot of personality. Green and grey makes the brand fresh and gets close to the young crowd which is important in F&B industry. Overall the B&B will represent the pot. A brand should be able to speak to people with its logo, and here’s why we believe our logo does it the best.

The 2 B’s joined together not only represent Bamboo and Biryani but also form a Biryani Pot. We chose the color green to symbolize nature, as well as the color of bamboo shoots. The bold font is easy for people to focus on and visualize.

  • Bamboo & Biryani
  • Food & Beverage
  • Brand Identity & Designing
  • March 2018