What is Off Page SEO?


Off-page SEO is also one of the techniques used to improve the position of a website in search engine results page, with the activities that you do away from your website to raise the ranking of a page.

In simple terms, On-page SEO is done within the site, where Off-page SEO happens outside the site.

Now let’s look at few of the most effective ways to increase your page rankings on search engines with Off-page SEO techniques/strategies.

Do Your Outreach Before Producing Content

Don’t do the same mistake as most of the publishers produce their content first and then they try to outreach and get other sites to link to their content. The most effective way to build off-page SEO is to do outreach before you publish your content. By doing this you will get great feedback before you publish and also the relevant quality sites will be linking to your content when it goes live.


Blogging is the best way to promote your website online. By writing blogs on your website your giving reason for your visitors to return to your website to keep updated with your latest posts. Include unique content and try to be precise. Frequent update of your blog post entries will help you to rank higher in search engine results page.

Be clear and concise on the topic, and on what you want to convey to your blog readers. If you are not good at writing content hire a guest blogger by which your blog can gain more credit from search engine point of view.

Building Links

The off page SEO activity that is to be more focused is building backlinks. While ranking web pages the top factor considered, is links that are announced by Google.

Try to obtain links by guest posting on authoritative sites.  Guest blogging can solely be referred for the purpose of links.

Don’t Just Create – Market Them Too!

Just now in the above point, we have read that link building is an approach for off page SEO. Moving forward in this step instead of improving pages, creating better pages can make people more likely to link to them. Improving pages is necessary but that alone is not sufficient. Once you created a better page, market them too.

Build Positive Brand = Building Positive Impact on Your Audience

Building positive brand image is all about off page SEO.

How to keep it positive?

By producing unique content that revolves around your audience and your brand will help you in keeping your brand image positive. As you contribute your content to forums and blogs which will help you in building connections with influencers and compatible services that also lead you in creating a responsive social media presence

Always King Rule

The most powerful tool of communication is the content we write which engages our readers. So the fact is that “content is the king in all seasons”. It simply means the more quality content a company creates, the easier it will be to get quality, long lasting backlinks to your site. So it’s better to focus on quality content rather than getting bad backlinks that will result in a site.

Focus on What Helps to improve

As we are working on building off page SEO we should also simultaneously measure the work and actions along the way. We should measure the key metrics like backlinks, referring domains and keyword search positions enable a marketer to identify what helped improve performance. By this, we can understand what works on our SEO strategy and can focus on priorities.

No research No development

Without competitor research, we cant sustain.

There are so many tools to know where all our competitors get their links. We can re-engineer on top ranking websites on Google. With that information find some high value off page opportunities that are suitable for our domain.

These are few strategies on off page SEO. Remember one thing off-page SEO takes a lot of time and consistent efforts to get a better result.

Would you like to see yourself on top of Google? If yes?

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